Mint syrup

 The Peppermint contains a large amount of an important combination of the name (menthol). The  mint has many properties, but it has an analgesic, analgesic and antipyretic effect due to the high amount of menthol (Menthol).

It should be noted that up to now, about 34 species of mint have been identified in the world, with almost half of these species occurring in Iran. Eating peppermint imposes its analgesic effects on the body,

Medicinal Properties Sweat Mint Progress

Peppermint sweating reduces stomach and intestinal pain.

Mint sweat is very useful for preventing abdominal bloating.

Mint sweat helps digest food.

Mint sweat has a cooling effect.

Sweaty mint has a warm, nature and appetizing effect, it is useful for freshening the mouth and diluting the blood.

Peppermint sweeteners contain only peppermint, blended with water, which has antipyretic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The essential oil of this plant is to relieve stomach upset stomach, stomach stiffness, palpitations, unilateral headaches, dizziness, anger, insomnia, vomiting during pregnancy, young girls' anemia, toothache and pain relief in young girls and women. Is effective

 The herbal "Balm" is used for many years by Eastern physicians to treat mood problems; it is also useful for headache with a nervous origin, memory weakness, and fatigue.

Lavender syrup for appetizing is very sweet and sweet.

 Balm sweat is a nervous system and is very powerful. Mild sweat is a pain reliever that can be used to treat headaches.

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